A Systems Change conversation in NYC.

June 5, 2016, by Cassie

Next week I’ll be in NYC attending my favourite conference of the calendar year, Personal Democracy Forum. What I’ve loved about PDF in the last few years is how I can see the worlds of civic tech and social innovation collide and connect more. This was and is needed, largely due to what is captured in this great blog post. 

Whilst I’m a bit of a civic tech (or as I would call it “tech for good”) geek because I really believe technology (the craft of making of it, the use of it etc.) can be a powerful way to influence and scale change, I also know that the practice of systems change is much more than technology. That’s why we wanted to host an informal gathering in NYC to try and bring together some of the civic / tech for good practitioners whilst they’re in town, with some of the brilliant people we know working on systems change.

Fellow Point Person, Rachel, moved to NYC earlier this year and has been having conversations with different people across the City about her work setting up the Finance Innovation Lab, as well as all the work we did and are doing together at the Point People on systems change. This has included things like the Systems Changers incubator with Lankelly Chase, systemschangers.com where we interviewed experts working in systems change, and Keywords (developing a lexicon for systems change) in partnership with Oxford University.

From 6-8pm on Friday 10th June we will be at Amelie’s and having some informal conversations about our work and hoping to hear about the work others are doing. If you work in systems change, are interested in systems change, or just want to come and have a drink, then please do join us. You can just turn up but if you want to let us know you are coming then please email cassie@thepointpeople.com