Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge is an educational charity based in Windsor Great Park that has been fostering ethical debate and supporting students for almost 60 years. The Point People are working with the charity to redesign their programme with a focus on social cohesion, so as to maximise innovation and impact.

Team: Ella, Anne, Sarah D

Why did we do this work

The Point People care deeply about a cohesive society, so Cumberland's Lodge's focus fits firmly with our concerns. We also realised that Cumberland Lodge could play a valuable systemic role here, given their high profile leadership, track record of both working with young people and convening influencers from across sectors. Finally, we recognized that in this highly politcised space, there was a real need for better learning and more inclusive interaction between young people, those working directly with them and senior leaders across all sectors.

What was our approach

We took the executive team on a bespoke journey -- we went wide at first, to allow them to explore a range of different ideas, and then narrowed the focus to help them put together the right programme for their context. The work consisted of the following components: Deep Dive: A curated day-long ‘learning journey’ to meet six different organisations taking innovative approaches to delivering learning programmes. Strategy: A day-long session with the Executive to a) clarify their impact, b) craft a renewed programme mission and c) put in place the design principles, priorities and basic framework for their new programme.


Design: Taking all of these inputs, the PP team worked with Cumberland Lodge to design a new programme. We also conducted desk research and consulted with, universal frontline workers, higher education institutions, non-departmental government bodies, think tanks and civil servants. Review and validation: A session with the Cumberland Lodge Board of Trustees and external Critical Friends to review, test and further develop the work.


A new vision statement and strategy for Cumberland Lodge that has resulted in an innovative programme of work focusing on social cohesion at a time when rapid technological change and international issues are having a significant impact on society and human relationships.

The work consists of three related strands: (i) Frontline—focused on young people and people working directly with them (e.g. universal frontline practitioners and their senior leadership -teachers, social workers, youth workers etc). (ii) Topline – engaging with people at, or on their way to ‘the top’, with the power to effect change through policy, thought leadership and business strategy. (iii) Fusion – creating a space for topline and frontline interaction in order to generate the insights, knowledge and relationships to effect sustained systems change.

In addition to a new programme we have brought new methodologies, relationships and approaches to the work of the Cumberland Lodge team.

Any connections with other work

Parts of the frontline and fusion strand were influenced by our Systems Changers Program with its focus on frontline workers.Elements of the topline and fusion strands, were inspired by previous Point People events where we have brought together people from diverse backgrounds in creative ways, like the digital democracy meal we hosted with Loomio, or our Townhouse event on Edges.

The frontline work was also very much influenced by previous experience designing and delivering learning and engagement programmes for cultural and public sector organisations. The learning journey drew on Sarah Douglas’s experience of creating insight and inspiration experiences with her company, The Liminal Space

Our strategy day was heavily informed by the work we have done across the public sector and in particular with multi-agency groups.

What else is on our radar in this space